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About company European Auction Car Service:

European Auction Car Service, a leading company in its field, provides a full range of services including insurance, customs clearance and transport arrangements. Customers who value the quality and reliability of delivery of their vehicles choose European Auction Car Service as their preferred partner due to the high level of professionalism and reliability that the company provides.

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102 thoughts on “European Auction Car Service Reviews”
  1. I can recommend the company! I bought a car for the first time, I’m happy with everything. Upon arrival of the car at the port of Jebel Ali and when I took it, I realized that I would not buy a car in this condition in the Abu Dhabi market. Thank you!

  2. Based on the experience of my cooperation with the company, I can safely recommend them. I have been their customer for over two years and have already bought 4 cars

  3. Hello. Bought a Mercedes-Benz S500. Paid the entire cost immediately using USDT cryptocurrency. It’s great that everything is online!

  4. Car delivery is paid – 2500 €. The delivery time was not violated, 15 days were prescribed in the contact, they brought it in 27. I am satisfied that there are such companies

  5. The company is great, carries great cars at great prices! I bought myself a McLaren 720s for 155 thousand euros. I was worried that there would be a long delivery, but I received my car in 28 days. thank you company!

  6. They have a large selection of cars on their website. Remotely issued a contact for the delivery, the rest of the documents and paid the first installment of 30%. The car arrived at the port of Jeddah in 29 days.
    Super company!

  7. I ordered delivery by car transporter to Riyadh. The term of the whole transaction is 4 weeks. Upon receipt of the car was all happy!

  8. All liked it. We signed a contract and paid an advance, everything was delivered in the shortest possible time. The car came to Oman in 28 days. Before loading on the ship paid the cost of the car.

  9. Bought Mercedes-Benz S680 for 157000€ year 2023 mileage 2.188km. Thanks to the company for this service. The prices are adequate!

  10. The car was delivered in a short time. It is a pleasure to work not only with professionals but also with good people!

  11. Guys!!! Thank you very much!!!!!! Good luck and prosperity to your organization. You are professionals in your field. I recommend.

  12. Transparent terms of the contract. You see how much money and what exactly you pay for, no secrets and understatements.

  13. Everything is transparent, the terms and equipment of the car are prescribed in the contract. They always keep you informed at what stage the transportation is. The car is new, no mileage at all. I am very happy with the car that was delivered to me!

  14. I want to leave a review about the company through which I bought the Mercedes-Benz G63,2022,4.0. Everything is great at work. I found a variant that suits me in three days, for delivery another 4 weeks. They took care of all the paperwork and didn’t have a headache. Came, put on record and ride.

  15. Payment for my Mercedes-Benz G63,2022,4.0 Benzin was carried out using a crypto-exchange, paid with USDT cryptocurrency. Thank you

  16. From the port of Jebel Ali, I preferred to pick it up on my own, although I was offered delivery by car transporter. Everything is ok, everyone is happy!

  17. I bought a PORSCHE MACAN — the car is what you need. The most important thing is that the cost was pleasant – a significant savings in comparison with what and at what prices are now sold on the market. Plus, in terms of configuration, analogues are not represented again on our market.

  18. Car arrived earlier than expected! Issued quickly, I am satisfied with the car, I can recommend the company!

  19. The contract was concluded with the company remotely, communication took place in telegrams. Already picked up my Land Rover Range Rover. 2022 I paid 67.000€ for the car and 2500€ delivery

  20. Great company, great job! I have been waiting for my Ferrari 812 for 4 weeks. I personally came to the port of Casablanca and took it from the ship myself. All liked it!

  21. Finding a suitable option and winning the auction took us about 4 weeks, followed by loading and arrival in Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. I recommend this company, professionals

  22. The team was always in touch with me from my purchase of a car at an auction and delivery to the port of Jeddah. I recommend this company to everyone!

  23. I will definitely use the company again on my next purchase! There are no shortcomings or I did not notice them)

  24. There were some delays in the delivery of the car, but they were related to the operation of the port of Jebel Ali. Other than that I’m very pleased!

  25. Bought quickly enough and in my budget. I am satisfied with the purchase. Before loading onto the ship and sending it to me, I paid the remaining amount for my car!

  26. Finally my car has been delivered! Excellent quality! Bought on the recommendation of a friend. He also sent me to the company, the experience of working with the company is good, I recommend it. Mercedes-Benz CLS450 is an excellent car.

  27. Thanks to European Auction Car Service for my Ferrari 488! Great managers, good attitude, always in touch)

  28. I bought a car from an auction, I was very worried, for the first time, but in fact, everything was fine, but there was a small delay with the documents, but they quickly fixed everything and sent it. If not for this moment, then 5+, and so I will put 5 stars. Thank you!

  29. The contract was concluded at the end of December. The car was delivered 2 days late.
    The car was bought by MERCEDES-BENZ S400, 3.0, DIESEL.
    Price 65000€.

  30. Efficiency, transparency, full support at all stages of purchase and delivery. Responsive managers.
    Thanks to the team

  31. It is worth noting that in order to buy a quality, decent car, you need to be patient, in my case I had to wait a bit, but the result exceeded all my expectations.
    Bought the car is very happy, with great pleasure I sit behind the wheel.

  32. I bought a car for myself, I waited 4 weeks, the car has already arrived, as there are no problems, I recommend it to everyone

  33. The best company for the delivery and registration of vehicles from Europe!!! I can say with full confidence that you have the cheapest service and the best quality!!! I was satisfied with everything!! I advise and will advise the guys to cooperate

  34. We signed a contract, I paid the entire cost at once, and the next day the process of delivering the car started. In the port of Jebel Ali, the car was already in 29 days. Respect for such a service!!!

  35. We signed a contract, I paid the entire cost at once, and the next day the process of delivering the car started. In the port of Jebel Ali, the car was already in 27 days. Respect for such a service!!!

  36. For those who are waiting for the car – endurance and patience. Who has doubts – believe the European Auction Car Service team are professionals in their field. I have previously worked with other companies, but here you will be fine!

  37. There were no problems, everything was clearly according to the plan and according to the contract! The guys are very friendly, polite, explain everything and tell!

  38. Delivered quickly, as promised. Everything is under contract. I liked that the car is redeemed immediately for the future owner. I’m satisfied😁👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  39. Euro. He sent me a signed contract and paid an advance payment of 21,000 euros. The company is honest, and carries great cars at great prices!

  40. The company was very professional and took care of my transaction. I was very pleased with their service.

  41. The car has arrived. There were no problems, there was a slight delay, but literally for a few days. Payments are divided into stages: an advance payment to start the search, then payment directly to the car when it is standing and waiting for loading onto the ship!

  42. Now I have submitted documents for early redemption, we agreed that by the end of the week I will close all installment payments. The company is reliable, during this time there were no problems.

  43. I strongly recommend this company and the online auction portal to anyone who is looking for a quality car at a great price and with a convenient delivery service.

  44. I was very pleased that I was able to pay only 30% of the advance, and the rest of the amount only after the car was bought and sent to the port.

  45. They sent me photos of my purchased car and transport documents for it. I made the final payment before sending it to Cairo. Paid by SWIFT transfer

  46. European Auction Car Service brought me a practically new 2023 MERCEDES SL63 4.0 from Europe. Auto in excellent condition. Full compliance with the declared characteristics. There were no diagnostic problems. Mileage 1.298KM, I bought the car for 133000€, great price!

  47. I signed a contract with the European Auction Car Service, paid 30% of the cost of the car for the purchase, delivery and auction fee, the company bought my chosen car and sent it to the port for loading and sending to me. I was provided with transport documents, and I paid the remaining amount for the car!

  48. I bought a car, LAND ROVER DEFENDER – in excellent condition, and even at a normal price. This is my first car from the auction. Completed the transaction remotely. Left on the purchased car after 3 and a half weeks!

  49. The contract is clear, the conditions too. I bought myself a MERCEDES-BENZ AMG GT53,2022,3.0. Delivery paid 3000 euros. I paid for the car with usdt cryptocurrency. The car was delivered to the port of Jebel Ali in 27 days

  50. Joy filled my soul when I received my new Audi purchased at the auction. Fast, convenient, professional – it was extraordinary!

  51. The purchase of the car at the auction went smoothly. I personally paid for the car through a SWIFT transfer. The company worked professionally and provided all the necessary assistance in this process. The transaction was safe and transparent.

  52. I chose a superb car – the Mercedes S580, and the car is in perfect condition. The mileage is low – only 1789 km. I approached this matter responsibly.

  53. I wasn’t disappointed with European Auction Car Service, which I stumbled upon by chance. They have real professionals who know everything about working with auto auctions. The company helped me purchase and deliver a car, and it happened in accordance with the quote they provided. I want to express my gratitude to all the employees.

  54. Photos do not convey all its beauty. Importing a car is not an easy task, but I trusted a professional team and they did it perfectly. They were in contact with me at every stage of the process, always answering my questions and resolving any issues that might arise.

  55. Bought a BMW X7 at auction last month. Very satisfied with the car – just what we were looking for. Remotely made a contact, also paid an advance in the amount of 30% of the cost of the car. We bought a car, brought it to the port, issued transport documents for sending me to the port of Jeddah, and only then did I pay the remaining amount for the car. I recommend the company!

  56. I bought a Mercedes-Benz EQ S450 from a European auction, I was satisfied with the car as well as the company’s services, respect guys! Paid for the auction 64000€ per car + shipping 2500€

  57. The company made a purchase of a car at a light and convenient auction. My car arrived on a container ship in excellent condition after 4 weeks.

  58. The process of purchasing a car at the auction was easy and transparent. Payment via SWIFT transfer and USDT cryptocurrency were simple and effective payment methods.

  59. Very satisfied with the process of buying a car at the auction. Payment via SWIFT transfer and USDT cryptocurrency were simple and effective payment methods.

  60. I took advantage of the opportunity to pay for the car using the USDT cryptocurrency, which turned out to be a convenient and fast way. Moreover, I was given a 7.5% discount for paying using USDT.

  61. In general, the impressions from the cooperation are positive; there were no surprises for me. I liked both the attitude towards me and the car itself! I recommend for cooperation!

  62. My car looks and runs flawlessly, and I feel like the true owner of a dream. Remote contract signing and payment with SWIFT transfer made the entire process simple and convenient. I paid the advance payment when signing the contract, and after receiving the loading report and transport documents, I paid the remaining amount. The delivery time on the container ship was 4 weeks, which was an ideal choice. My car is a real find!

  63. The purchase of my new Mercedes at the auction became a quality and safe process. The company cares about its clients and provides a high level of service.

  64. The car has arrived, we are very happy that we bought from the auction, once again many thanks to all the employees of the company.

  65. The process of purchasing a car at the auction turned out to be much easier for me than I expected. I paid for the car with USDT cryptocurrency, and it turned out to be fast and secure. The delivery time on the container ship was 4 weeks, and my car arrived in perfect condition. I couldn’t be happier with this deal!

  66. I signed an agreement with this company, the delivery time was four weeks, they met the deadlines specified in the agreement, and the company fulfilled all the obligations specified in the agreement.

  67. I want to say thank you, I applied for a certain model of Bentley Flying Spur, they delivered it from an auction in Europe, the car is like new, I can’t even express words, the company knows its business, I will recommend it to friends!

  68. The company is great! The main thing is that they have a lot of experience, a professional team and fast delivery times. The car was delivered to me in 29 days from the date of purchase at the auction!

  69. I have been with the company for over two years. My direction is leasing cars, they will always find profitable options for me, offer interesting conditions. As a regular customer, I can already count on loyalty.

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