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Ferrum LTD was created by investors and for investors to help them invest in new technologies in the field of Internet business as efficiently as possible. We have offices in New York, Moscow, Amsterdam and Stockholm. Our specialization is startups in the field of Internet business, which are dynamically developing or have great hidden potential. Projects are both exclusively media startups and e-commerce, Blockchain technology and its adaptation, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, virtual reality, 3D concepts, artificial intelligence and robotics. We have assembled an international team of investment bankers, lawyers, financial analysts, traders, managers and programmers to monetize this future.

The full name of our company is “Ferrum LTD Limited”. We work in accordance with international law, as well as the ethical code of a modern start-up entrepreneur. Our online platform is a modern and secure website that serves as a tool for generating income in a trusting relationship between us and clients. It allows us to interact most effectively in terms of investments, profits and dividends. We invite you to become our new investor and earn steadily in the future!

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3 thoughts on “FERRUM LTD REVIEW”
  1. I thought that trading is much more difficult, however, thanks to the broker, they taught me everything very quickly. there is a section for beginners, especially for people like me) so don’t be afraid, even if you have no experience, it will quickly appear here) otherwise there is nothing to complain about, work for your pleasure, and you will be happy)

  2. I didn’t really believe the negative reviews, I thought the competitors were slandering the agent, but then I myself got burned about my naivety. Ferrum LTD hooked with its author’s terminal, in theory the development should have been convenient and fast, but in reality it has not yet been brought to mind. And in general, will they bring it? I doubt it, because with such an attitude towards customers, they are only going to row our money. I started with 1500 bucks, I never saw a dollar from them, I’m already silent about earnings. So I advise you to listen to the indignation of traders and bypass the office

  3. I have already contacted support several times on this issue, but there I was naturally merged. The fact is that the broker gives obviously wrong quotes, compared it more than once with other sites. A few seconds before the closing of the deal, Ferrum LTD significantly reduces the price, and you go into the red. I won’t get my $1,000 back soon… Especially since it’s not yet possible to withdraw money, they have some problems there, and no one knows when everything will work out

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