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Address: 8 Copthall, Roseau Valley, 00152 Commonwealth of Dominica

Email: [email protected]

About company:


The most profitable offers on the world markets among brokers. Trade with a leading company, experiencing the best conditions!

Why invest with ImportCapital?

Wide range of assets

We offer you to trade with us, using instruments from different categories: currencies, stocks, indices, and commodities

Deposit and withdrawal of funds

Money is guaranteed to be deposited and withdrawn from your trading account in a matter of minutes

Favorable trading conditions

Margin trading allows you to trade with leveraged funds to open large positions


Special offers from the broker help improve trading efficiency and make it more comfortable

Account types

Several types of accounts will reveal your trading in a new way. Just choose the appropriate account

No slippage

Fast terminal operation anables short-term trading without any issues

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3 thoughts on “ImportCapital Review”
  1. Fraudsters!!! Never give in to persuasion, do not invest a penny! You won’t be able to take your money, no matter how many commissions, taxes, protective tariffs, etc. you would not pay in the hope of getting at least your investment back … high-class scammers, all names are fictitious, documents are forged left and right … DO NOT BELIEVE!!!

  2. Good lenses for a reasonable price. Comfortable to wear, I have been using them for many years, there were no problems even if I fell asleep in them.

  3. This is a fake broker, they called me and offered to trade with them. I immediately started punching! In the end, I realized that this is a scam! Stay away from these clowns.

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