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Address: 62 Buckingham Gate, London, United Kingdom, SW1E 6AJ

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About company

Polus Investment Management

Polus Investment Management has been providing brokerage services to clients in the FOREX and CFD markets since 2003. polusinvestmentmanagement is an official broker in UK, which is overseen by the UK Financial Markets Authority.

Quotes are provided for 100 currency pairs (Forex), shares (CFD), cryptocurrencies (Crypto-Currency), as well as for gold (XAUUSD), silver (XAGUSD), Brent oil (XBRUSD) and WTI (XTIUSD), natural gas ( XNGUSD). Polus Investment Management serves clients on a brokerage model and acts as an intermediary between the client and liquidity providers in the interbank foreign exchange market. The company provides clients with the opportunity to use any trading strategies without any restrictions: from classic trading strategies to algorithmic and HFT trading.

By admin

  1. You can safely discard the words about the absence of additional write-offs. The office makes a notable profit on previously unspecified expenses, such as paying for insurance, etc. I started with 2000 dollars, 200 were immediately withdrawn from the deposit for the reason indicated above. I quarreled with support, they can only shrug it off, went to the administration, was culturally sent to the erotic on foot. I saw in the coffin – I take everything out and prematurely end our unilaterally beneficial (for Polus Investment Management) relationship.

  2. I don’t get it, is this really a scam? I met all sorts of reviews on the network, angry, that Polus Investment Management was delaying payments, including, but I didn’t think that I myself would encounter this. Due to the huge commissions, I somehow got into a plus, and even then, a great success. I ordered a payment for 300 bucks, I waited a long time. The application eventually disappeared from the list. Subsequent attempts to cash out end the same, the balance does not change.

  3. Polus Investment Management is a company of scammers. They deceive customers and suck out all the money. If you have come across this company, you need to urgently contact Action Fraud, they will help and give you advice on what to do to return at least what you have invested. Don’t procrastinate immediately. And those who want to invest money, stay away from this company, do not fall for their tricks

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