Tranio does not mediate in the transaction but directly connects customers with their foreign partners, which consist of the best agencies and developers in the country of purchase.

Tranio operates without adding any extra margins for customers. If you buy real estate with their assistance, the price remains the same as if you were to approach a foreign partner directly. This essential condition is established in their agreements with all partners.

Transparency in business relations is a core principle for Tranio. All participants in the transaction are fully aware of their roles and the functions of other parties involved. The names of partners and counterparties are always disclosed to customers.

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4 thoughts on “TRANIO ( Reviews”
  1. Their agents were pushy and aggressive, attempting to pressure us into a deal without considering our doubts and requirements.

  2. The agency lacked transparency throughout the entire process. They didn’t provide clear information about fees, and I ended up with unexpected costs that significantly impacted my budget.

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