Cambridge Asset Management


Telephone: +61290724651

Address: 30 St Mary’s Axe London EC3A 8BF

About company:

Founded 7 years ago, our brand started with a blast. Our founders have gathered an already well-known names in the financial market industry which resulted in a stream of traders who wanted to trade in a different way. Together with our clients we strived to always stay the best, be unique, be successful and always grow.
The financial market has always been excited especially with the ability to easily trade cryptocurrencies from anywhere in the world. Our brand is providing access to a trading floor that has built a name to itself in the past 7 years.
We have the best tools so you could have the best experience.

Mission statement

Our mission is to change the modern way of trading. We believe that you should grow as your portfolio grow to keep up with opportunities and to be able to control emotions and decision making when it counts.
For the past years we built an online academy for young, intermediate and even expert traders that provides a step-by-step knowledge sessions combined with 1 on 1 personal consultation to always stay ahead.
Our mission is successfully accomplished on a daily base for the past 7 years for thousands of traders from around the world who already made a significant change in the way the profit from online trading.

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3 thoughts on “Cambridge Asset Management Review”
  1. Fraudsters with no conscience. They rip off ordinary people. I hit hard on 2500 euros. Do not believe these carrion not one word.

  2. In the exchange market in our time, a lot of fraudulent schemes of brokerage services have appeared. This company is no exception. What you should focus on when choosing a broker:

  3. 100% scammers! If you feel a strong desire to donate your hard-earned money to someone, then just not to this broker, give it to an old woman in the grocery store – there will be more benefits. But in fact, if the withdrawal of funds is problematic and the rules of the site are very vague, then there is nothing to do. Cambridge Asset Management is a good place to lose your savings in a get-rich-quick race. These types do not have a legal address, as well as a license from the Central Bank, which once again proves that this broker is conducting fraudulent activities.

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