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3 thoughts on “JonesTrading Review”
  1. There will be a negative review about Jones Trading, because I can’t say anything positive about these breeders! This office has nothing to do with financial markets and earnings, it’s just a place for gullible newcomers to scam. Never contact Jones Trading, even if they call and beg to start trading with them! They are very good psychologists there, and therefore they can swindle anyone into anything! This is exactly what happened to me, I believed everything that the “analyst” says and paid as long as I could. But of course, all deposits were merged

  2. How do I get my money back from this scam??? In early October, a woman called me, introduced herself as Katerina. She offered to make money on the stock markets safely and with minimal investment. I don’t understand this, but she said to make a minimum deposit of 250 bucks and get training every day, like everything will work out. I was seduced by beautiful stories and assumptions and did just that. In short, then my analyst Igor said that we still need to throw in money, otherwise there will be no sensible trading and, accordingly, there will be no earnings. I fell for it again and threw in another $1,000 since there was no more. Then the scurry began to persuade me to replenish the account, but there was no money, and I said so. And after that my office was blocked!!! Jones Trading dump!!!

  3. This is not a broker, this is a regular fraudulent site that has nothing to do with the stock markets. Of course, they will draw any graphs and forecasts for you, but only this is all a hoax! And you can’t trust them under any circumstances. Like many poor fellows, I got a call from Jones Trading and offered to trade forex with minimal investment. And I started, but quickly came to my senses, fortunately. Lost only $100, not much for such a valuable lesson!

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