Stam Capital Invest Review

Stam Capital Invest

Official website:
Phone: [email protected]
Address: Suite 305, Griffith Corporate Center, Kingstown P.O. Box 1510 St. Vincent and the Grenadines
About company
Take your trading to the next level
STAM CAPITAL INVEST will help you trade profitably and confidently reach your goal
Sharpen Your Skills
We do not care about the level of your skills and experience in trading. STAM CAPITAL INVEST provides services to help you hone your skills. Our reliable platform with fast order execution, clear interface, easy setup and extensive functionality will expand your opportunities in investing. Also, you can always contact our specialists for additional advice, which will prompt you with excellent solutions.

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  1. The office seems to be quite promising. Especially with a responsible service policy, traders will deserve great popularity. The only pity is that there are no reviews to be found yet, because the last agent stole almost $ 1,000 from me and did not manage to return anything. In the situation with Stam Capital Invest, the absence of a domestic regulator is slightly alarming. If there are controversial points, then it will be difficult to prove your case. Maybe someone has already worked? How are you?

  2. starting work here was my best decision in recent years, because the intermediary offered really favorable conditions, there were practically no risks. besides, the platform itself is reliable and stable, there are no complaints, I am satisfied with everything and I advise you)

  3. I made a big mistake when I decided to trust Stam Capital Invest. I bought into the positive comments of supposedly satisfied customers, but they turned out to be fake, like the whole organization, in fact. They call you from here and invite you to make quick money, but in reality they just want to drag you into their scam. As soon as the money flies to the account, it is no longer possible to receive it. By hook or by crook they will dissuade you, my $ 200 remained with the scammers.

  4. a friend of mine has been collecting money for his mother for an operation for a long time, he works in two places at the same time, and he was not lucky to run into these scammers. the freaks were able to persuade him to invest all the money, they promised that they would help double the profit, but they themselves threw it penniless (a nightmare …

  5. do not mess with these goats, they will shake the last money out of you! they almost began to threaten me that if I don’t add another 500 greens to my account, then my account will be blocked. what for, such an attitude and robbery is necessary, I try to merge quietly, while they give at least something to deduce

  6. Stam Capital Invest seemed like a good broker at first. With its own characteristics, but reliable, which honestly pays. But later it turned out that the test 50 bucks, which I withdrew to make sure the company was solvent, turned out to be a common bait so that I could relax and invest more money. No one approves applications for withdrawing larger amounts, they do not want to part with the client’s capital. Support is silent about this, but everything is clear here.

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